$15 million is raised by Apptronik for the humanoid robots.


A robotics firm called Apptronik, based in Austin and focused on the creation of artificial limbs and collaborative robotics systems, claims to have raised $14.6 million in a seed round from investors like Capital Factory, Grit Ventures, Perot Jain, and other influential parties.

This cash will be used to expedite the commercialization of one of the industry’s first mass-produced humanoid robots capable of working alongside humans as well as to fulfill the company’s current customer orders.

Apptronik is ready to scale across companies because it has a wide range of safe, smart, adaptable, and flexible robotic technologies for unstructured environments.

The company has already introduced a large number of successful human-centered robots to the market, some of which are presently working inside Fortune 50 companies in the manufacturing, automotive, supply chain, defense, and other industries.

The primary goal of Apptronik is to create robot colleagues for humanity. Apptronik is concentrating on general-purpose robots that can carry out a variety of jobs in a world made for people, whereas many businesses are developing specific-purpose robots to handle a limited set of functions and applications.

Robots made by Apptronik are not only superbly developed but also exquisitely created to collaborate with people in a natural way. Apptronik robots help people do hard or dangerous jobs like facility inspections, operations in the supply chain, and other similar tasks.

This strategy will be evident when the business reveals its newest robot to fulfill customer orders later this summer.

“We’re approaching an inflection point where massive market demand and commercial feasibility are driving rapid technology adoption,” says Jeff Cardenas, CEO, and co-founder of Apptronik.

“Our labor market, supply chain, and environment all face serious challenges.” People are receiving practical instruments to improve the nature of work in the future and hasten the pace of recovery. The future is here.

Jennifer Gill Roberts of Grit Ventures says that every big business is having a hard time with productivity and the supply chain.

But improvements in industrial automation are beginning to have an impact. General-purpose robotics is becoming mission-vital due to geopolitical tensions and the state of the American economy. We are proud to stand by Apptronik as it dominates this market in Texas and around the country.

Anurag Jain, Co-founder and managing partner of PerotJain, states: “Today, there are enormous issues to be resolved in the logistics, supply chain, and key industries.

“Apptronik’s general-purpose robots are the result of invention and technology that open many new doors, including those that offer scalable solutions for the most pressing issues facing the entire world.”

We are honored to be one of the company’s investors and anticipate seeing Apptronik’s technology out in the real world soon, tackling genuine problems.

The goal of Apptronik is to establish one of the top robotics firms in the world here in the US. Its goal is to show that it is better for humans to have robots help them with their jobs and improve their quality of life than for robots to replace them.

This has assisted the business in luring elite personnel, including executives from Tesla, Apple, Meta, Honeywell, and other companies, who are eager to see their discoveries commercialized right away.

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