6 Best AI Content Generators For Every Kind Of Content In 2022

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1. Jasper

With over 52 short and long-form writing templates, Jasper is a brilliant AI content creator. Jarvis Jasper can help you write content that converts, whether it’s a personal bio, an Instagram photo description, an Amazon product description, or a real estate listing.

When you’re trying to find out how to write content for your website, the Jarvis Jasper Blog Post Intro paragraph is extremely beneficial. Tell Jasper what your article is about, and he’ll give you a launchpad to help you get started. You can give javis ai even more extensive instructions using the Boss Mode plan.

Aside from the glitzy templates, Jasper understands that working with a new AI buddy might be a challenge. As a result, the software includes many in-depth training tools and support documents that will walk you through how Jarvis Jasper thinks and how to get the most out of it.

Pricing begins at $29 per month. When new users sign up, they are given 10,000 credits.

2. Copysmith

Copysmith was created to assist companies and enterprises in achieving their content objectives. Among the 30+ templates available in this AI writer are Facebook Ad, Pitch Yourself, Event Press Release, and Content Rewriter. Use these templates to create engaging Facebook ads, promote yourself and your services, publicize your event, and rewrite materials for added luster.

You can organize and store your content in folders with Copysmith, so you always know where each client’s work is. It’s also simple to try out the program because you can sign up for a 3-day free trial and try out all of the features (with some credit limits).

If you use Chrome, the Copysmith Chrome browser extension can help you. Copysmith is adding collaboration tools to its top membership level, which will let teams work together to make content.

Pricing begins at $19 and includes credit limitations. A three-day free trial is available to new customers.

3. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI copywriting tool that promises to write copy that attracts your readers and drives sales and traffic to your website.

It has two content generators to choose from. Copywriters will like that one set of templates includes options for making landing pages, sales emails, and product descriptions, as well as checking for readability and grammar.

The other set of templates is designed to help you write long-form articles and allows you to create blog entries, summarise content, and rewrite them as needed. For consumers who aren’t ready to commit to a monthly or annual membership, Writesonic also provides a free trial and a Pay-As-You-Go credit system.

Pricing begins at $15 per month. For new users, there is a free trial available.

4. Kafkai

Kafkai is the first AI content generator dedicated to producing SEO-friendly content. Rather than using standard templates, the software uses a niche writing system. It now offers article writing services in 37 different areas, such as health, sports, dogs, search engine optimization (SEO), and software.

With Kafkai, as with most AI content generators, you can count on unique articles. For Kafkai-generated articles, the sweet spot in terms of length is between 500 and 900 words. Kafkai offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-day free trial.

If you’re not happy with the Kafkai app’s article generator, you may download their WordPress plugin and write straight on WordPress for a more efficient process. Does your content need to be translated into another language? In addition to English, Kafkai may present your work in seven other languages.

Pricing: Starts at $29 per month, which includes up to 100 monthly articles.

5. Article Forge

Using deep learning, an AI writing tool writes original SEO text in under a minute. Article in the Feed Based on your keyword and any other relevant information, it will put together an article with the right subheadings, photos, videos, and links.

The layout of Article Forge is user-friendly, and it allows you to change essential details such as article length, secondary keywords, and subheadings. The purpose of this AI is to improve your content’s search engine ranking.

Most AI content generators allow you to translate your output into many languages. Article Forge, on the other hand, allows you to create high-quality material in up to seven different languages. A 5-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee are also available.

Monthly billing costs $57 per month, while annual billing costs $27 per month.

6. Articoolo

Articoolo operates based on article purchasing, with consumers paying for a set quantity of articles each month or plan. When you type in a word or phrase, the software makes a short article, usually with about 500 words.

If you prefer to work with templates, you’ll be disappointed to learn that this tool lacks them. Instead, you may use Articoolo to create new articles, modify old ones, generate titles, summarise articles, or locate images and quotes to go along with them.

Users of WordPress will like Articoolo’s WordPress plugin, which makes it easier to make and share content.

Monthly subscriptions start at $29 for 30 articles and pay-per-use starts at $19 for 10 articles (no time restriction).


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