A partnership between Geekplus and Reesink Logistic Solutions to deploy robots in warehouses


Geekplus, a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots for warehouses, has forged a new alliance with Reesink Logistic Solutions, one of the best system integrators in Europe.

A non-exclusive partnership between the two businesses will encompass the whole Geekplus product line and will largely target Northern Europe, with an emphasis on the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland.

Reesink Logistic Solutions division director and vice president of Royal Reesink, Gert Bossink, observes that the warehouse automation business is getting more crowded and competitive.

The RLS companies have always searched for cutting-edge technology to add to the product catalog in order to keep ahead of emerging trends.

We firmly think that the Geekplus systems speak for themselves and provide our industry with a host of novel opportunities. Since the AMRs will be a part of our integrated solutions, we are excited about this new cooperation.

“Geekplus joined the European market in 2019 and has expanded the company here at a phenomenal rate, driving the growth of the e-commerce phenomenon in the region,” claims Jackson Zhang, president of Geekplus Europe.

Reesink Logistic Solutions, with a developed and solid presence in Europe, is pleased to be included in the network of partners we are working to establish.

Geekplus was established in 2015 and has since rapidly expanded, opening offices in seven different nations. With six product lines that address warehouse jobs such as picking, moving, sorting, forklifts, shuttles, and collaborative robots, the company is a prominent worldwide manufacturer of AMR.

Geekplus has hundreds of its flagship P-800 robots in use worldwide, making it especially powerful in the area of goods-to-person selection. Using this knowledge as a foundation, Geekplus just created Popick, the apex of goods-to-person AMR technology.

The European warehouse automation subsidiary of Royal Reesink, a multinational conglomerate with its headquarters in the Netherlands, is called Reesink Logistic Solutions (RLS).

RLS is currently one of the strongest system integrators in Europe, offering a wide range of solutions, from warehouse cranes, high-bay warehouses, conveyors, and shuttle systems, to connecting software integration, and new technologies like AMRs. RLS has been active in the market for more than 50 years and has completed over 850 automation projects.

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