How do I recover my Gmail password without a phone number and recovery email?

How do I recover my Gmail password?

How do I recover my Gmail password? If you can’t reach through the normal gates and circles, recovering your Gmail account might be difficult, but with little help, I was able to achieve it. And don’t even think about asking Gmail customer service for help; I’ve tried it, and they don’t seem to care. Without […]

Vicor provides power conversion to boost the expansion of the robots.

power conversion

Improvements in power conversion technologies are making it possible to change the way robots are made. Integrated power modules of today are able to meet the size, weight, power budgets, and cost savings that robots need to move from industrial, residential, and commercial applications into a wide new terrain where the only limit is your […]

Why colonizing mars is hard?

Mars colony illustration by Max Rymsha from Ukraine

Neil Armstrong while stepping onto the moon back in 1969 said “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,”. This historic achievement set the landmark for the future exploration and colonizing of space. In recent years, humanity seems to be particularly interested in our neighboring red planet named MARS. SpaceX founder Elon […]

After a 90 percent weekly drop, Terra’s LUNA has dropped to around $4.

Terra's LUNA Canada and united states

The all-time low price for Terra LUNA is $3.876. Terra’s LUNA dropped 73% in the last 24 hours, bringing them back to values last seen in August 2021. The total value locked (TVL) of Anchor, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that offers rates on UST deposits, has dropped by $11 billion in the last two days. […]

On Tuesday, Terra’s LUNA Crypto dropped by 45% when the network’s stable coin lost its dollar Peg once again.

Due to his sister’s stable coin TerraUSD losing its Peg (stable coins are digital assets that hold their significance over a long period of time) for the 2nd time in a few hours, Terra Network’s LUNA (Terra USD) dropped as much as 61% on Monday. TerraUSD is a computational type of cryptocurrency with a one-dollar […]

What is web 3.0 and why it is so much hyped up?

Web 3.0 is the third generation of internet services for websites based on decentralized architecture. It focuses on using a machine-intelligent interpretation of data to provide a data-driven and Semantic Web. The goal of Web 3.0 is to create an enhanced user experience with the help of intelligent, connected, and open websites. “Web3 (also known […]

Musk’s Offer got declined; what is the PLAN B now?

Elon musk buy twitter Unites States & Canada

Recently, Elon Musk (Founder of Tesla and SpaceX, and many more companies) offered Twitter to buy its 100% shares for $54.20 per share. According to Musk, Twitter does not express “Freedom of Speech” entirely due to its biased algorithm. Through his tweets, he pointed out a few points and changes needed in the social app. […]

Saudi Prince, Rejects Elon Musk Offer To Buy Twitter

Stake in twitter States America & Canada

Elon Musk , one of the wealthiest persons in the world has shown his interest to buy twitter. The billionaire offered to buy twitter at the price of $43 bn or $54.20 per share. But this quest has set him against one on the major shareholder of the company, the Saudi Prince Walid bin Talal. […]

Elon Musk says Twitter needs to be transformed – offers to buy for $43 billion.

Elon musk twitter Unites states and Canada

A platform for free speech – Elon Musk’s largest shareholder Elon Musk is open to bargain Twitter for $54.20 a stake, or about $43 billion. Musk addressed Twitter Ceo Bret Taylor in a statement that was publicly disclosed in a regulatory file, “I invested in Twitter because I think it has the ability to be […]