Autonomous Solutions Inc. and SoftBank Robotics America collaborate

Autonomous Solutions

Autonomous Solutions Inc (ASI), a pioneer in industrial ground vehicle automation, and SoftBank Robotics America (SBRA), the North American division of the world leader in collaborative robotics, have partnered for strategic development and ownership.

The collaboration will hasten the creation and introduction of numerous autonomous commercial service cars. As a result of the agreement, SBRA now owns a small portion of ASI.

The alliance will hasten the creation of useful logistics and landscaping maintenance solutions with an emphasis on outdoor automation (i.e. warehouse terminals and shipping ports).

SBRA’s entry into the outdoor automation market is an extension of the indoor automated solutions that the company has successfully commercialized across several industries, while labor shortages in the logistics and landscaping sectors persist as a result of the pandemic.

With over 21 years of data and customer input from deployed solutions, ASI has developed a highly scalable hardware and software platform that is helping partners in areas like Mining and Automotive Testing exceed human performance.

Thanks to the ability to equip both new and current vehicle fleets and the ability to control them from any location in the world, adjacent vehicle applications may be automated and optimized quickly.

Brady Watkins, general manager of SoftBank Robotics America, says: “We are really delighted to work with ASI. Their technological platform Mobius is ideally situated for immediately scalable commercialization thanks to decades of cross-industry data, customer contact, and feedback.

By tackling the same labor challenges for outdoor tasks that we have addressed with our interior solutions, this alliance enables SBRA to broaden our focus on automation.

“SoftBank Robotics America is leading the way in the scaling of robot commercialization,” says Mel Torrie, CEO of Autonomous Solutions Inc. “We are happy with the complementary strengths we are now fusing together to solve the crippling labor and efficiency concerns facing the industry.”

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