Ava Robotics Reveals the latest Autonomous Intelligent Security Robot

Ava Robotics

Ava Robotics

The most recent generation of Ava Robotics‘ security robot was shown at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference 2022 in Atlanta. Ava Robotics is a developer of robots for workplace applications.

security solution

This security robot combines access control, video surveillance, and robotics for a complete and effective security solution. It improves operational proficiency while bringing about the necessary security operations costs. Security staff may spend less time on surveillance and more time responding to security risks and physical breaches.

Security Robot

The Johnson Controls Security Robot, powered by Ava, streamlines security operations with its sensors, touchscreens, and cameras. The robot can send automated warnings for suspicious behaviour and do other things. That improves operational effectiveness and provides the best monitoring and security for the workplace.

Marcio Macedo

Security robot makes a big difference in the hard job of patrolling, which is even more complex in today’s work environment. Co-founder and vice president of products, Marcio Macedo, says, “Now is the perfect time for organisations to implement a comprehensive and advanced robotic security system.”

Autonomous Security Solutions

Ava’s security robot significantly improves the challenging tasks of patrolling, monitoring, and reporting, which are made more acute in today’s workplace. “Businesses now have the chance to use a comprehensive and advanced robotic security system.”

Autonomous security solutions

Said Marcio Macedo, vice president of products and co-founder of Ava Robotics. We encourage GSX attendees to view what the next generation of autonomous security solutions will look like, as we are honoured to premiere this with Johnson Controls.

About Ava Robotics

Ava Robotics has been established as a subsidiary of iRobot. The aim of developing intelligent robots for workplace applications is to improve human productivity, safety, and quality of life. Ava’s fully autonomous. Mobile robot applications continue to build upon the strong technology foundation established by its parent company, iROBOT.

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