BMC hires Zebra Technologies to automate business processes

Zebra Technologies

Bespoke Manufacturing Firm, a producer of garments, has picked S&H Systems and Zebra’s Fetch autonomous mobile robots and stationary industrial scanners, according to Zebra Technologies, an industrial automation company, to promote business and productivity.

With Zebra’s help, BMC will be able to see more clearly throughout the entire workflow, from the first printing cutting of the fabric to the final stages of packing and shipping. This will boost productivity and efficiency while enabling the manufacturer to expand to keep up with rising demand.

To free up front-line employees to concentrate on production, BMC chose Zebra’s end-to-end industrial robotics automation solution. Zebra’s Fetch AMRs fixed industrial scanners transport, track, and steer workpieces to their destinations on behalf of the complete process planning.

“With Zebra’s innovative idea, we are able to generate considerable labor time savings maintaining an ability to scale up to meet seasonal demand surges and effortlessly alter our production,” says J. Kirby Best, president, and CEO of BMC.

“I’m very happy that Zebra’s innovative cutting-edge solution enables us to establish and maintain manufacturing employment in the United States.”

Benefits and efficiency improvements, Zebra’s Fetch AMRs and stationary industrial scanners work together. Zebra’s FS20 and FS40 fixed industrial scanners offer insight into each piece’s movement during production, guiding Fetch robots to advance them from one location to the next, all the way to the stage of packing and shipment for finished goods.

The full integration of Zebra’s Fetch AMRs into the manufacturing process frees BMC’s human employees to focus on the most crucial professional responsibilities in a managed, safe, and collaborative environment.

“Zebra helps companies like BMC utilize the potential of industrial and robotics automation to unlock levels of performance that enable front-line personnel to do their best job,” says James Lawton, vice president and general manager of robotics automation at Zebra Technologies.

The joint strength of our solution improves the performance of humans and robots by enhancing capabilities and coordinating work and movement in real-time, leading to quicker fulfillment, prompt restocking, and autonomous movement of material for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The industrial and robotics automation solution and integrated by S&H Systems, a Registered Reseller, and a recent addition to the Mobile Robotics Specialization within Zebra’s Partner Connect program. BMC plans to scale this solution across its current and future manufacturing sites to accommodate seasonal production peaks and rising demand.

“Robotics and machine vision are developing technologies that improve the effectiveness and productivity of front-line personnel, but many firms do not have the internal expertise to integrate this technology,” says Justin Ray, director of advanced technology at S&H Systems.

We know how to effectively apply a range of technologies to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and, in the case of BMC, expedite the production process for our industrial clients when paired with Zebra’s tried-and-true solutions.

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