Cartken and Grubhub have partnered up to carry robot delivering to college campuses.


Grubhub, a college-based online and mobile food ordering and delivery platform, and Cartken, a technology firm specializing in self-driving, AI-powered robotics, and delivery operations, have teamed up to bring robot delivery to college campuses. The last method of delivery was tested at Ohio State University this spring, and a complete rollout is scheduled for this […]

OnRobot introduces a revolutionary material handling palletizer.


OnRobot, the world leader in hardware and software solutions for collaborative applications, has released OnRobot Palletizer, an all-in-one collaborative palletizing system that makes palletizing easier on the body and on the wallet. Due to its space-saving footprint and ability to handle many different types of boxes, packages, patterns, pallets, and stacking heights, the OnRobot Palletizer […]

New algorithm flies drones faster than human racing pilots can

To be useful, drones need to be quick. Because of their limited battery life they must complete whatever task they have — searching for survivors on a disaster site, inspecting a building, delivering cargo — in the shortest possible time. And they may have to do it by going through a series of waypoints like […]