Continental and Octiva are partnering to build autonomous agricultural mobile robots.


Octiva is a Dutch-Belgian tech startup that is working with Continental to make mobile robots that can work on their own in horticulture.

Continental said earlier this year that it has begun mass manufacturing autonomous mobile robots for intralogistics.

In the autonomous mobile robot industry, Continental’s “Agriculture” product line will include the new AMRs it made with Octiva.

After combining the robotic systems from Priva and the agricultural robots from Octonion, Octiva focuses on integrated solutions for horticulture.

The partners will work together to make a solution that will change the future of horticulture and be the best in its field, self-contained, and reliable.

“Adding Continental’s expertise in safe and autonomous mobility to our market-leading solutions will allow us to give our clients new capabilities and give them more benefits,” says Tom Coen, CEO of Octiva.

“It also lets us put in place a focused strategy that will help us get to market faster.”

“With this alliance, we take the next step in our expansion strategy for AMRs,” says Pierre Pomper, Continental’s head of autonomous mobile robots.

“By entering this new market, we will be able to improve our AMR solutions for customers around the world.”

“Besides intralogistics and horticulture, we are open to working with other great partners to bring our self-driving platform to a wide range of businesses.”

In the future, Octiva will focus on developing market-specific solutions that allow for the automation of boring and repetitive tasks in greenhouses, such as leaf-cutting and crop monitoring, for which labor shortages make it difficult to find enough staff.

By working with Continental, Octiva speeds up development and industrialization, which led to the creation of a reference platform for greenhouse automation.

Continental sees the partnership as the next step in its plan to grow its autonomous mobile robots business.

“Our cooperation with Continental, a solid partner and industry leader, allows us to create a robust product line with the clear goal of being the market leader for autonomous horticulture robot solutions,” says Meiny Prins, CEO of Priva.

Continental will provide the mobility platform that will let these apps move safely and independently around greenhouses.

Andreas Mandl, the project lead for Continental, says, “Octiva’s market experience lets us get into this industry with a lot of growth and design the exact right platform for this market.”

The company intends to enter the market in 2024.

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