GreyOrange joins with Sweden’s biggest pharmacy chain to boost warehouse automation


The biggest pharmacy chain in Sweden, Apotek Hjärtat, and GreyOrange have agreed to work together to provide automation solutions for the 20,000 square meter e-commerce warehouse that will debut in Norrköping in September.

Apotek Hjärtat will advance its logistics automation via the agreement. Although the pharmacy supply warehouse is already completely automated, the new partnership enables Apotek Hjärtat to further enhance the client experience by enabling quicker and more seamless deliveries.

“Through the agreement, we continue to streamline our logistical operations and so create the groundwork for the future generation of e-commerce offerings,” says Eric Lundberg, CEO of Apotek Hjärtat.

“We selected GreyOrange because it is a cutting-edge, technologically advanced firm, and we want to be there to provide our consumers with a first-rate customer experience. The approach we’ll take will be unique to the Nordic area.

GreyOrange, a multinational technology business established in 2011, specializes in mobile robots and AI-powered software that modernizes and enhances inventory management. Among other areas, GreyOrange already has collaboration arrangements with major international retailers in North America.

“We are happy to cooperate with another of Europe’s best firms,” says Samay Kohli, CEO of GreyOrange. Even though Apotek Hjärtat is already prosperous, the automation solution from GreyOrange fosters longer-term development opportunities.

“Our solution will assist Apotek Hjärtat boost efficiency and is well equipped for the task of living up to Apotek Hjärtat’s high-set quality targets.”

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