How do I recover my Gmail password without a phone number and recovery email?

How do I recover my Gmail password?

How do I recover my Gmail password?

If you can’t reach through the normal gates and circles, recovering your Gmail account might be difficult, but with little help, I was able to achieve it.

And don’t even think about asking Gmail customer service for help; I’ve tried it, and they don’t seem to care.

Without JA and their Gmail professionals, who offer a top-notch service channel and were able to solve the problem for me, I could never have done it.

There is no need to wait; you may chat or inquire as often as you like, and they will assist you until your account issues are resolved.

You can contact the Gmail experts with this link.

This helps you to keep in touch with them for a whole week in case there are any concerns or problems later. You never know if it only takes time to recover your password because the solutions are all different.

Anyway, this is the second-best method to try to regain access to your account if you run into trouble with Gmail’s password recovery and are unable to access the phone number or email associated with the account.

It worked out well for me, and I hope it may do the same for others.

What not to do?

I find it amazing that some people here have proposed using illegal means to access your Gmail account.

This is also full of numerous frauds.

Additionally, how do I recover my Gmail password? doing this will give others access to your personal emails, which I assure you, is not something you want, and if you are discovered, you will very certainly never be able to access your Gmail account again.

In addition, I came across a few questionable sites that I would avoid. Be very careful if someone say you a third-party solution since it’s probably not safe. particularly if you must input account information on a website that isn’t the official Gmail site.


Even losing the answer to the security question might be a major issue. Moreover, you do not have access to all recovery info, such as phone numbers and email addresses. After processing your request for a password reset, Gmail will next ask you for an alternative email address to contact you at.

Recovery Steps

    • You must first launch Gmail in a browser, input your Gmail User ID, then click Next.
    • The Forgot Password link, which is situated just beneath the password box, must now be clicked.
    • If you can’t remember your most recent password, use the “Try another way” option instead.
    • Till you see the picture below, keep clicking the “Try another alternative” option.
    • To be contacted for the next messages, kindly give your other active email address.
    • You won’t be able to change your account password right away, and your request will be reviewed based on the details you have given. If they choose to accept your email account claim, you will be sent instructions for changing your password.


I advise keeping on hope and seeking appropriate assistance. There are answers, but they are unique and, as far as I know, need professionals.

As far as I can tell, your next option, if you’re having trouble recovering your Gmail account, is to hire a professional company Kaspersky, Verizon, or McAfee to help you.

I think it’s worth a go if you truly need to get your account back.

I hope that’s useful to someone.

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