How to find your lost AirPods in any situation

how to find airpods

Despite knowing I’d adore AirPods, I held off purchasing them for a while since I anticipated losing them every three days.

They were finally purchased by me, and behold, I have misplaced them more times than I can recall. But I’ve also always managed to locate them, sometimes by chance and other times with the help of the Find My app. We’ve included all the methods you, too, may locate your AirPods when luck seems to be running out for those of you who suffer from amnesia to the same extent as I do.

The Find My app on an iPhone is where all of these actions are taken, but the same steps may also be taken by signing into Find Mine on a PC.

Scenario 1: They’re charged, in Bluetooth range, and in their case.

This seems like the perfect setup for Bluetooth monitoring through Find My, doesn’t it? It’s not, in some ways. The most helpful part of Find My, the “Play Sound” option, is actually interfered with if you lose your AirPods or AirPods Pro while they are in their case.

Since the pods are enclosed in the container, you cannot play a sound via their speakers while moving your ears. However, a map showing their last known position online is available. Assuming you misplaced them there, it was the last location you had them out of your case. This also applies to deceased AirPods; it will display their most recent online location.

1. Start the “Find My” app.

Simply use the pull-down menu on your home screen to look for Find My if, like me, you have too many applications installed to remember where it is. People don’t often enough utilize the search feature. The Find My app is probably tucked away in your app library, not even on your home screen if you have iOS 14 or above.

2. Verify that the “Devices” tab is selected.

Then look for your AirPods in the list of Apple devices that are linked.

3. Click the device to get a map of its most recent known position.

If you wish to find a direct route to that place, tap “Directions.”

4. Locate your AirPods.

Scenario 2: The only AirPods you have been charged and within Bluetooth range.

So THIS is the best method to misplace your AirPods, I see. You may activate the “Play Sound” feature to let your AirPods send out their own distress signal if you drop them while they’re out of the case and still charged.

This is obviously most helpful when you’ve misplaced them in your own home, but if you don’t mind upsetting other people, it may also be effective in a public setting like a grocery shop or library.

1. Select the “Find My” app once again.

Make sure you’re on the Devices page, then hit the entry for your pair of AirPods.

2. Click “Play Sound”.

3. Only if your AirPods are out of their cases and within range will this function work.

The sound may be played from the left, right, or both AirPods.

When you’ve found them and want the obnoxious sound to stop, press the stop button.

Situation 3: One AirPod is missing, or both AirPods are separated into two distinct places.

It makes sense to lose only one AirPod since sometimes you pull one out to use it in the real world but mistakenly assume you have it in your pocket and it slips out. You do the same actions as before to locate the one.

But what if you misplace one AirPod and then find the other in a completely different location? I haven’t yet been in such a circumstance. If you have, I know how to fix it.

1. Launch Locate My and select the Devices tab…

Are we beginning to understand this section now?

2. The position of one AirPod will be randomly shown first when you look at your AirPods on the map.

If necessary, locate it on a map. If one AirPod is missing, you won’t be able to play any sound.

3. After locating the first AirPod, place it inside the case.

The second AirPod should now be shown in a different place if you refresh the map.

4. Make a route map.

Locate the second AirPod. Reconnect the AirPods. Take a deep breath of relief.

Scenario 4: You just misplaced the case for your AirPods.

Folks, you’re on your own here. The AirPods case cannot be located with the Find My app; only the actual AirPods can. The best course of action is to backtrack, cross your fingers that a nice stranger has located it and is waiting where you left it, and then bring a cookie, a cup of coffee, or a gift card to say thank you.

Finding your AirPods’ serial numbers will allow you to request a replacement and assistance with setup if you just need to replace one AirPod or the case. Depending on what component of the model you need to repair, prices will vary from $59 to $99. Hey, it’s less expensive than purchasing a brand-new set.

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