How to Share Your Screen on Slack

screen sharing with slack

How to Share Your Screen on Slack

Slack is an app that makes it easy to collaborate online by allowing users to chat in real-time. With screen share, you can see what others are doing on their computers and devices, even when they’re offline.

1. Start (or join) a Slack video call.

2. When you’re ready to do so, click the “Share Screen” button at the bottom of the call window.

3. An option for two displays will show up if you’re using a computer with more than one screen. Decide which screen to share.

4. To stop sharing your screen after you’re done, choose the Share Screen option once again. After that, you’ll return to the standard video mode for Slack calls.

While screen sharing, make the draw on your display.

When using Slack screen sharing, it is simple to display information to other call participants. To foster more cooperation, you may even let people sketch on your screen while you’re giving a presentation.

Click the Draw icon to make sketching possible on your own screen (represented by a pencil). Then, while presenting, you may draw on your screen using a mouse, a pen, or your finger on touchscreen devices.

The ability for other participants to draw on your shared screen is enabled by default, so they may do so without your intervention. That may be annoying. Thus, you may deactivate this function by clicking the button for the group drawing.

Who Can Use Slack Screen Sharing?

For light customers who don’t need all the functionality offered by the service, Slack is free to use. Additionally, there are three paid service tiers: Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid. These three premium subscription tiers are the only ones that can use Slack screen sharing. Users of the free service are not eligible for it.

Furthermore, neither Chromebook users nor Android or iOS device users are permitted to share their screens with Slack. Only PCs running Windows and macOS may use this functionality.


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