How to watch football without cable in 2022?


Despite the elimination of multiple games, the 2021–2022 NFL season will still feature more than 200 games in venues around the country. Most of these games may be broadcast internationally for a price. However, there are a number of free options that are available to you anywhere.

Tube TV

Due to new deal rights for the 2021–2022 NFL season, football fans will be able to watch FOX’s NFC games on Sundays for free on Tube TV.

Amazon Prime

If they already have an Amazon account, Thursday Night Football is free for Amazon Prime subscribers. Beginning with the 2021 season, Thursday Night Football games will only be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video in the US. It will be the only broadcaster around the globe for one Saturday game.

The Yahoo! Sports mobile application

According to Yahoo! Sports, their app will provide “all local and primetime regular games” for the years 2021–2022. The feed may only be seen using an app on a smartphone or tablet. A mobile internet connection is also necessary for some games to function effectively.

Reddit Soccer Streams

Reddit Soccer Streams currently allows users to view the most prominent soccer leagues without a cable subscription. On our website, you may get the best soccer streams from across the globe. The details of Reddit Soccer Streams and their features are covered in the following sentences. Visit Reddit Soccer Streams to watch free online soccer (or football, for non-American fans) matches! Users may watch live games on a PC, an iPad, or even a smartphone. On the Reddit thread Reddit Soccer Streams, previously r/SoccerStreams, live streaming links were offered without charge.

Premium Channel

It’s extremely simple to receive a few games on the weekend using an antenna, especially if your club regularly sells out its stadium to prevent blackouts. CBS only airs games, in my opinion, on their premium channel.

Many of the games are televised on, the official site of the National Football League’s website, although I’d guess only around 75% of them are available for a particular game. It is unpaid! To kind of get an idea of what you’ll receive next year, Google “2019 Chief NFL games aired on” or anything similar.


Yahoo Sports is free if you have Verizon Unlimited. The best games of the day are nearly always available, along with the Patriots, who I watch. As an added bonus, Disney+ is free for one year. How I watch both are as follows.

Reddit streams games of questionable legality, making it challenging to locate them. The games are of varying quality, and they occasionally stop working. It will function in a pinch if you are “internet knowledgeable.” I’m fairly proficient with computers, and I found it challenging but manageable.

If you’re not at all tech-smart, Hulu, YouTube TV, and the majority of smart-sticks, such as Roku and Amazon, all offer sports and NFL bundles, the prices of which I’m not familiar. This is the way to go if you have money to spend on the NFL Network and want something straightforward.

If you join a Facebook group about your team’s members, there are generally a lot of them and they frequently live to stream it, which is again questionable legality but not really a criminal infraction. Basically, they display the game either straight from their source, sometimes with a camera pointed at a computer or TV, or with a person chit-chatting with the audience about what he thinks which may be bothersome since it gives the impression that they are in a bar. However, this is a very certain method of accessing the games, and Facebook is a convenient location to ask “Does anyone typically live stream games? Or perhaps send a mail about it, as it is a repeat.

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