Hungary is host to Lenovo’s first production plant in Europe.


Lenovo, which makes more computers than any other company in the world, has opened its first factory in Europe.

The plant, which is based in Ullo, Hungary, specializes in producing high-end PC workstations, storage systems, and server infrastructure for clients in Europe, the Middle East, and the African region.

Lenovo’s global manufacturing operations will grow because of this investment. It also opens up a lot of economic opportunities for Hungary’s private and public sectors, such as more ways to work with local suppliers and the creation of new jobs.

The facility is getting close to being full, and the site already has more than 1,000 full-time employees doing a wide range of engineering, management, and operational tasks.

Lenovo’s first internal manufacturing site in Europe made sense to be in Hungary because it has a strong infrastructure, and a skilled workforce, and is in the middle of Europe.

A part of Lenovo’s investment has also gotten help from the government through the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA).

“With our production plant in Hungary officially open, we’ve hit a significant milestone in our worldwide manufacturing network optimization and evolution,” says Lenovo’s senior vice president and head of EMEA, Francois Bornibus.

Because of Hungary’s excellent connectivity, we are significantly closer to our European consumers, enabling us to meet and fulfill their needs while continuing to be at the cutting edge of innovation.

This amazing new building will be a key part of our plans to ensure future success and bring smarter technology to Europe in a more responsible, quick, and efficient way as our business grows around the world.

“We are thrilled that Lenovo, an industry leader with a long history in global manufacturing, has decided to work with us and locate its new factory in Hungary,” says Róbert Ésik, CEO of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA).

With the site being formally operational, we anticipate seeing fresh opportunities for local suppliers to collaborate and contribute to Hungary’s thriving economic environment.

The new location is one of Lenovo’s biggest factories. It is about 50,000 square meters and has three floors and two buildings.

More than 1,000 servers and 4,000 workstations can be manufactured on the production line each day, each one is customized to the needs of the customer.

The entire facility is outfitted with cutting-edge automation capabilities, including a top-notch building management system that monitors the temperature, humidity, asset conditions, and DIMM robotic tagging on the manufacturing floor and in the logistics area. Thanks to this, Lenovo is able to maintain the highest level of product quality control.

The solar panels on the new, purpose-built structure may be able to produce enough power for a small village.

Locally made gadgets also have a lot fewer freight miles, which means they can be shipped in ways that are more efficient and better for the environment.

This, along with modern ways of making things like Lenovo’s unique low-temperature solder process, will help the company reach its scientifically-based climate goals.

The Hungary facility is a part of Lenovo’s global manufacturing and supply chain strategy, which includes 35+ manufacturing facilities worldwide, including those in Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Hungary, India, Japan, Mexico, and the USA. Lenovo serves customers in 180 markets through these facilities.

Lenovo is well known for its global hybrid manufacturing approach, which combines contract manufacturing with in-house production.

It gives the organization more efficiency and control over the operations of the supply chain and product development, enabling a more effective response to consumer requests. This is a crucial source of competitive advantage for the company.

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