Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS World Congress honors the Beep with an award.

ITS World Congress

Beep Autonomous Electric Transportation

Beep, a company that makes autonomous electric transportation systems for more than one person, will get the 2022 Industry Award for the Americas from the ITS World Congress Hall of Fame.

The honour, which Beep received for continuing to expand its autonomous mobility network in Lake Nona, a 17-square-mile master-planned neighbourhood and cutting-edge sector inside the City of Orlando, Florida, was presented on Wednesday at the annual ITS World Congress 2022 event in Los Angeles.

Autonomous Shuttle Service

The Lake Nona network is the longest-running autonomous shuttle service in the country. The first routes began in September 2019. Beep put more stations in critical regions around 2022 so locals, workers, students, and tourists could get to the most popular places.

In May, the company added ride-hailing services to its fixed routes to make shuttles more available and to add to its current transportation strategy.

“Congratulations to Beep for its unique approach to offering electrified, autonomous transportation that exemplifies ITS America’s goal of a safer, greener, and smarter future for everybody,” says Laura Chace, president, and CEO of ITS America.

Joe Moye, Beep’s CEO

Together with our partners and the Lake Nona developer, Tavistock Group, whose vision for a contemporary.

We’re happy to be seen as a leader in our field as we work to make autonomous transportation systems that are safe and sustainable and reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

Lake Nona Marks

The award from ITS World Congress 2022 comes as the business near Lake Nona marks its third year in business. Since the initiative’s start.

Beep has safely moved more than 46,000 people to Lake Nona using its integrated service delivery and technology stack and working closely with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Lake Nona project is an excellent example of the company’s “first mile, last mile” strategy to make public transportation more accessible and improve other ways to get around in communities across the country.

This award shows how important it is to try new things to find practical solutions to improve people’s lives. We’re proud to have the longest-running self-driving shuttle in the country, and since innovation is an ongoing process, we’re looking forward to more success in the future.

Autonomous Shuttles Safely

The work done by Beep at Lake Nona has established a standard for testing autonomous shuttles safely and has prompted deployments for master-planned communities, public transportation systems, and the nation’s first autonomous shuttle project in a national park.

At its state-of-the-art headquarters and operations command line in Lake Nona, Beep keeps a close eye on its portfolio of independent projects so it can help its service areas right away.

“All partners must work at the highest level to ensure we can handle community issues and stay one of the best places to live.” which is the only way to ensure we can meet our citizens’ needs now and in the future.”

Beep Autonomous Programs

Beep met a lot of goals in 2022, like growing its autonomous programs in Lake Nona and around the country. It also closed a $25 million Series A-1 investment round in April.

Early this year, the company teamed up with Benteler Electric Vehicle Systems and Mobileye to make and sell next-generation, automotive-grade autonomous shuttles in the United States.

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