Launch of a brand-new 20 kilogramme industrial collaboration robot by Universal Robots

Universal Robots

The 20-kilogram cobot will be added to the product line of Universal Robots, a Danish collaborative robot (cobot) company.

The UR20 cobot is the newest addition to the company’s impressive lineup of cobots. It has a completely new design based on Universal Robots‘ experience with highly polished engineering.

The UR20 is the best example yet of how innovative Universal Robots is in the cobot market. It has a completely new joint design that will make cycle times much faster and allow it to carry much more weight.

The way businesses package and palletize will change as a result of its 1750 mm reach, which has been engineered to operate to the full height of the conventional Euro-pallet. Also, because it is small, businesses will be able to do more with the same amount of production space.

Along with palletizing, Universal Robots anticipates that the UR20 will be used for welding, material handling, machine loading, machine tending, and creative solutions developed by its wide partner ecosystem.

The company’s president, Kim Povlsen, adds that this isn’t just a larger version of our current cobots; it’s a completely new kind of cobot.

In our 17 years of technological experience in the robotics sector, the UR20 is the most inventive cobot we have created. Our skilled engineers completely redesigned the arm while keeping the user interface as simple as it has always been.

“The UR20 offers a number of advantages, including quicker cycle times, the capacity to handle bigger loads, and increased reach with a small footprint. Additionally, we’ve added sophisticated software upgrades that provide users with hitherto unheard-of motion control skills.

In 2008, the company introduced the first cobot that was commercially viable, and since then, more than 1,100 integrators, distributors, and independent partners have developed parts, kits, and applications specifically for its cobots.

The company has sold more than 50,000 cobots, and in developing its newest offering, it drew from the experience it had gained in building a loyal customer base.

The company’s very popular e-Series cobots will be joined by the UR20, the first in a new line of cutting-edge cobots from the next generation.

Povlsen asserts: “The work we put into developing the UR20 is a fantastic illustration of how much effort we put into making sure every customer succeeds.”

From software to endcaps, we are committed to high-quality engineering, gorgeous Nordic design, and an exceptional user experience. The UR20 is only the start.

This high-payload model is the first of our next generation to hit the market. This is because it will let our customers use cobot automation to do new things.

Introducing the same cutting-edge features to a new family of cobots will be the next stage in reinventing automation. So keep checking back because we can’t wait to reveal what the future holds.

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