Nalle Automation Systems’ robotic trim press handler is presented by BMG.


The Mantis Robotic Trim Press Handler from NAS Nalle Automation Systems is the only robotic automated system in the industry to consistently handle the flow of components ejected from any trim press, according to BMG.

For medium to high volume production lines using either non-servo continuous flow or servo-driven long eject trim presses, this small, intuitive, and flexible system offers full automation of the whole thermoforming process – from resin to partially disassembled product.

Previously, components ejected from non-servo trim presses had to be manually separated and tallied, which was a time-consuming, error-prone, and uneven procedure that limited downstream packaging automation.

The patent-pending Trim Press Receiver (TPR) by NAS solves this challenge by using a unique separation mechanism to count and contain stacks of products, followed by a rake mechanism to take the product into the receiver for robot transfer.

“Consistent and reliable product separation on a constantly flowing, non-servo eject trim press was the key to the development of Mantis,” explains Kurt Huelsman, president of NAS.

“The receiver’s design, along with NAS’s robotic automation capabilities, creates a safe, productive, and cost-effective solution for a formerly manual procedure.”

The TPR feeds the parts to a six-axis robot with product-specific End of Arm Tooling, which then moves the product to a Shuttle Station, where it is integrated with downstream packaging functions such as wrapping, boxing, case packing, sealing, and palletizing.

Because the robot is integrated into the Mantis system, it is highly compact and adaptable, allowing it to be installed in areas where floor space is limited or obstructed.

All trim presses, including BMG brands Brown and Lyle, are compatible with the Mantis Robotic Trim Press Handler. The completely automated system can save up to 75% on labor costs, and the modular robotic design allows for tool changes in under an hour.


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