NCT president, says: “T.I.E. is our main supplier for refurbished and new robotics.”


NCT, Inc. President, Norbert Christ, stated

The president of NCT, Norbert Christ, states that “T.I.E. is our primary source for both new and used robotic equipment. Since we’ve been working together for three years, our ability to compete depends on how responsive, technical, and on-time they are.

T.I.E. Industrial has bought and the RobotWorx brand. which is a provider of CNC parts, re-manufactured industrial robots.

Manufacturing automation

The asset purchase makes the T.I.E. brand family bigger and puts in a position to be an all-around partner in manufacturing automation by using decades of experience in selling, maintaining, and servicing robotic equipment.

T.I.E. Industrial only acquired the brand RobotWorx and the remaining assets of the website is one of the most popular sites in the world for researching and finding automation solutions from different companies.

Smaller companies

For smaller companies that want to automate, T.I.E.’s reputation for being good at reconditioning robots and customizing hardware and software makes integration faster, easier, and cheaper.

T.I.E. Industrial

“This purchase comes at a crucial moment as the market for robots is witnessing 25 percent or greater growth per year in some industries,” says Tony Wisniewski, C.E.O. of T.I.E. The company says, “With a proven, repeatable solution to help reduce supply chain delays and labor shortages. we are in the best position to take advantage of that growth.”

Work productivity and safety

For businesses of all sizes, automation boosts worker productivity and safety. According to Zion Market Research. The global industrial robot market will reach $81.4 billion by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of more than 11.8 percent.

Robotic technology

To learn more about robotic technology, customers will require websites like and T.I.E. Industrial, which are prepared to help users adopt or increase automation in their factories.

T.I.E. directly helps the circular economy by reusing, recycling, and fixing robotic equipment and parts, which saves users money. T.I.E. says on that it is the largest provider of reconditioned Fanuc robots and CNC parts in the world.

Minimize the cost of ownership

With speedier automation and smoother installation, the company’s Integration Ready approach to used robot sales helps minimize the cost of ownership.

T.I.E. has been good at diagnosing and fixing CNC and general automation parts from more than 200 top manufacturers, like Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, ABB, and others, for more than 35 years.

Since most robotics businesses now have incredibly long lead times, NCT T.I.E. Master Robotics either has the majority of what we need in-store or can supply it before the COVID deadline.

MASTER Robotics

By buying MASTER Robotics in 2018 and The Parker Group of Companies in 2016. T.I.E. grew its business and became one of the largest OEMs in the sector.

T.I.E. Industrial, the leading aftermarket supplier of CNC parts, refurbished industrial robots, and general automation repair, announced today that it has acquired The global industrial robotics market is expected to reach $81.4 billion by 2028, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 11.8 percent.


T.I.E. Industrial is a leading aftermarket supplier of FANUC CNC component parts and repair services. The company has had a tradition of excellence for 35 years. Offering the world’s largest supply of refurbished robots and CNC parts. It acquired and, becoming the end-to-end partner in manufacturing automation.

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