New collaborative robotic welding system from Acieta is introduced


A new collaborative robotic welding system has been introduced by Acieta. According to the business, the new “FastARC” cobot may return consumers’ money “in as little as six months.”

According to Acieta, “everyone is finding it difficult to find and keep excellent employees, particularly those who have welding expertise.” However, a welding system stands inactive and loses money while the post is unoccupied.

Simply put, businesses cannot afford to wait for the next qualified welder to enter the building. The labor pool is becoming smaller, and it’s getting harder to find people to fill it.

Make the FastARC CW cobot your subsequent welding purchase. Job shops and manufacturers can now increase production by giving the hard and complicated tasks to qualified welders and using a FastARC CW cobot for all the easy welding tasks.

Acieta has developed a cost-effective solution with a rapid payback period to combat the industry’s spiraling operating expenses.

Steve Alexander, vice president of WI operations at Acieta, says that most FastARC cobot customers see a return on investment (ROI) in as little as 6 months (based on 2 shifts). This is because they are producing more products at a much lower cost per component.

“The FastARC CW is a pre-engineered standard product that enables us to maintain low prices and enhance user competitiveness. Also, there are options for financing to keep initial capital costs low, and the product is in stock and can be shipped quickly.

To travel swiftly between production sites, the FastARC CW contains a Fanuc CRX-10iA/L 6-axis robot installed on a portable platform. The system works with welding machines from Fronius, Lincoln Electric, and Miller.

The FastARC CW is easy to set up and use, allowing a less experienced person to take care of it. This is thanks to intuitive software and a touchscreen interface. For optimal efficiency, one human may control many FastARC cobots concurrently.

Experienced welders enjoy increased job satisfaction by executing more challenging work that makes use of their talents when a FastARC is installed on the shop floor. Employers could pay their skilled welders more competitive wages if their productivity went up and their operating costs went down.

It offers advantages over a standard robotic welding system since it is a collaborative robot. While the cobot welds, people may work securely side by side, loading and unloading components, allowing the system to function continuously.

The cobot quickly stops if the slow arm runs into someone or anything. Because the safety fence is not required, money and floor space are saved.

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