Over 5,000 bookings have been made for Scythe Robotics’ autonomous zero-emission mower.

Scythe Robotics

More than 5,000 reservations have been made for Scythe Robotics all-electric, fully autonomous Scythe M.52 mower, which is developed for the landscaping business.

In addition, as the business scales to meet this significant demand, Scythe announced the hiring of Jen Mongeois, a former lead recruiter for Magic Leap, as head of talent acquisition, and Brian Merkel, a former head of manufacturing and production for SpaceX Starlink.

Despite being hampered for years by excruciating labor shortages, the $115 billion commercial landscaping sector has not seen significant technology advancement in decades. Scythe is changing that.

Scythe Robotics With over 5,000 reservations from a diverse client base, spanning coast to coast, and organizations with yearly revenues ranging from $1 million to $100s of million, including some of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the sector, Scythe has observed significant demand for M.52.

We are on a gigantic trajectory for growth, according to Jack Morrison, co-founder, and CEO of Scythe.

“With a multi-year pipeline of reservation demand, we have seen interest beyond what we had anticipated in the few short months since we announced our Series A.

“Our mower, which is already in use in three states, solves the ongoing unemployment problem and enhances the speed of horticulture companies.

“Landscapers play a critical role as custodians of outdoor landscapes, so it’s important that this all comes with the environmental benefits of zero emissions and quieter mowing,”

Given that operating a gas-powered mower for an hour is equivalent to driving a car over 300 miles, the Scythe Robotics M.52 can quadruple the productivity of landscaping staff while completely eliminating their emissions from mowing.

By detecting and reacting to the presence of people, animals, and other possible barriers, the Scythe M.52’s sensor suite enables it to function securely in dynamic surroundings.

It simultaneously records information about the property and the operation of the mower, which benefits landscape firms by enhancing productivity, seeing chances for upselling, scheduling more effectively, and controlling labor expenses.

Brian Merkel, head of manufacturing at Scythe, uses his vast expertise in scaling the output of manufacturing for SpaceX Starlink to meet the demand for Scythe M.52.

In the first year of operation, the manufacturing organization he established and scaled at SpaceX produced 5,000–10,000 meals each week with the help of approximately 200 production associates, maintenance workers, and support staff.

Additionally, Brian was the chief production engineer for the Merlin rocket engines, the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch vehicles, and the test engineering for crew and cargo Dragon capsules.

The success of Scythe Robotics’ committed reservations count, according to Brian Merkel, head of production, “highlights the pent-up demand for this technology in the landscaping business and illustrates M.52’s capacity to alleviate contractors’ labor aches.”

These landscaping companies are keen to use our technology to change how they operate. I’m excited to harness my knowledge to quickly increase manufacturing and help support Scythe’s critical objective as we offer resources, sustainability, and improved efficiency to the green industry.”

Jen Mongeois joins Scythe as head of talent acquisition, bringing more than 20 years of experience in hiring for technical and non-technical roles in hardware, software, and field operations.

Her hiring strengthens the collaborative product design process and cross-functional culture at Scythe. Jen’s previous positions include lead recruiter at the corporate augmented reality technology company Magic Leap, where she hired over 500 people in five years.

It’s incredibly exciting to be a part of this expanding market and Scythe’s distinctively collaborative culture, says Jen Mongeois, head of talent acquisition at Scythe Robotics.

“Scythe’s merged company of world-class experts eliminates obstacles, enabling rapid innovations, and its mission attracts motivated people looking to do important work that has a positive impact on the world.

I’m looking forward to helping our industry change and become more in line with the desires and goals of the workforce of the future.

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