RoboDK has released new technology for industrial robots that allows for “completely automated tool adjustment.”


RoboDK, a Canadian company that makes software for robots, has come out with TwinTool, which “automatically calibrates robot tools for industrial robots.” TwinTool is a “cost-effective, rapid, and easy solution” for improving tool accuracy in a number of manufacturing applications. It’s also a “competitive alternative to expensive and complex robot calibration services on the market […]

Tally robot now has RFID and machine learning capabilities, according to Simbe Robotics.


Tally, Simbe Robotics‘ autonomous inventory robot, can now record in-store data on every RFID-tagged merchandise, from fashion to electronics, sporting goods to home decor, thanks to the integration of RFID and Machine Learning technologies. Tally now captures over 700 RFID product tags per second with greater than 99 percent accuracy, in addition to its pre-existing […]