Evolution of Thin Client Computing in the cloud technology

Thin Client

Future of Thin Clients Traditional desktop computers are still the main endpoints in a company, so this is a legitimate argument. The problem is this: Companies still choose outdated systems, but it’s less because they’re afraid of updating. It is the ambiguity, alleged suffering, and expense of switching to new technology. Adopting Virtual Desktop Infrastructure […]

Over the coming years and decades, artificial intelligence will become a core part of all modern software.

Artificial Intelligence

In the years and decades to come, artificial intelligence (AI), a genuinely ground-breaking achievement in computer science, will be a fundamental part of all contemporary software. This both poses a threat and a chance. Both defensive and offensive cyber operations will be augmented by AI. Additionally, new cyberattack techniques will be developed to exploit some […]

“Booming demand VDMA” is being felt in the German robotics and automation business.


Industry group VDMA says that demand is going through the roof in Germany’s robotics and automation sector. Intake climbed by 38% over the previous year in the first four months of 2022. With the results for 2021, where industry turnover increased by 13% – more than anticipated it was already clear that the market was […]

Expenses on semiconductor production equipment is likely to hit a new high of $109 billion this year.


Following a 42% increase in 2021, global fab equipment investment for front-end facilities is expected to increase 20% year on year to an all-time high of $109 billion in 2022, marking the third year of growth. According to SEMI, the industry group, the data was revealed in its latest quarterly World Fab Forecast study. In […]

On Tuesday, Terra’s LUNA Crypto dropped by 45% when the network’s stable coin lost its dollar Peg once again.

Due to his sister’s stable coin TerraUSD losing its Peg (stable coins are digital assets that hold their significance over a long period of time) for the 2nd time in a few hours, Terra Network’s LUNA (Terra USD) dropped as much as 61% on Monday. TerraUSD is a computational type of cryptocurrency with a one-dollar […]

Musk’s Offer got declined; what is the PLAN B now?

Elon musk buy twitter Unites States & Canada

Recently, Elon Musk (Founder of Tesla and SpaceX, and many more companies) offered Twitter to buy its 100% shares for $54.20 per share. According to Musk, Twitter does not express “Freedom of Speech” entirely due to its biased algorithm. Through his tweets, he pointed out a few points and changes needed in the social app. […]