Three Arrows Capital, a troubled cryptocurrency investment company, applies for Phase 15 bankruptcy.


According to recent court documents, the embattled cryptocurrency hedge firm Three Arrows Capital Ltd., also known as 3AC, has filed for bankruptcy. According to court documents, 3AC is looking for an ancillary Chapter 15 process so that creditors and liquidators cannot seize the company’s assets in the United States. Tremors from the cryptocurrency market fall […]

Cowen, a financial analyst, collaborates with MassRobotics to research robotics and climate change.


Investment research firm Cowen and startup incubator MassRobotics put out a groundbreaking report about how robots are becoming more and more important in helping companies meet their climate goals. The Ahead Of The Curve Series research was directed by Joe Giordano, CFA, Cowen’s diversified industrials, automation, and robotics analyst, and included a survey from MassRobotics […]