The electric car charging robot EV Safe Charge has been introduced.

EV Safe Charge

EV Safe Charge, a provider of flexible electric car charging equipment, introduces ZiGGY, an EV Safe Charge mobile EV charging robot.

ZiGGY will make it possible for parking lots, shopping and entertainment centers, hotels, fleet operators, and property owners to charge EVs without spending a lot of money on expensive electrical infrastructure.

ZiGGY‘s digital ad server can also earn cash for the facility by displaying tailored information.

“Strong EV sales and emissions reduction objectives are producing a more sustainable future, but EV charging infrastructure isn’t keeping up,” says Caradoc Ehrenhalt, founder and CEO of EV Safe Charge and ZiGGY’s inventor.

“ZiGGY is a flexible and simple solution for nearly any workplace, mall, or apartment complex to assist in meeting the growing charging needs of its residents and visitors without having to invest in costly, time-consuming infrastructure and installation, if that’s even possible.”

“Until today, adding EV chargers was not an option in many circumstances, especially in older structures.”

ZiGGY will be summoned to an EV by a smartphone app or the vehicle’s in-vehicle entertainment system, and will arrive to the vehicle’s parking area, ready to reserve the spot for plug-in charging.

ZiGGY may recharge from the grid, batteries, or solar energy, or a mix of these sources, at its home base. ZiGGY can be used for off-site charging if there is no infrastructure on-site or if it is not needed.

ZiGGY has two extra-large screens that can be used as information kiosks or interactive advertising displays, generating additional revenue for parking facility owners.

EV Safe Charge will rent ZiGGY to offer “Charging as a Service” and technical support and maintenance to facilities.

Facility operators will be able to send vehicle owners to the app for payment or offer charging as a service. Because ZiGGY can serve all parking spaces, parking managers will no longer need to block places for permanent EV chargers.

“We launched ZiGGY in response to increased demand from our clients for flexible EV charging options and to assist in promoting the global transition to a cleaner, greener, all-electric mobility future,” Ehrenhalt said.

“ZiGGY is making EV charging better for everyone by helping drivers get over charging anxiety, which is one of the things that keeps people from buying EVs in large numbers.”

The award-winning industrial design studio Box Clever was hired by EV Safe Charge to give ZiGGY a cool, sleek, and friendly look.

The Box Clever team used their expertise to create ZiGGY‘s façade as well as a holistic design experience for ZiGGY that included UX and brand identity design.

“Through our work on the design and branding of ZiGGY, we are happy to be contributing to a breakthrough idea that will help promote a clean energy future,” says Bret Recor, founder and creative director of Box Clever. We’re looking forward to continuing our design collaboration with ZiGGY on this common purpose. “

EV Safe Charge is on the verge of becoming the first firm to bring a mobile EV charging solution to market that includes communication and digital, interactive advertising. The manufacture of ZiGGY is expected to begin in 2023.

The company is currently accepting reservations for ZiGGY.

The Holiday Inn Express in Redwood City, CA, Opera Plaza in San Francisco, and The William Vale, a luxury hotel in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg area, are among the sites that have already adopted ZiGGY.

“We relish finding chances to connect our guests and neighbours to next-level facilities and technology,” says David Lemmond, general manager of The William Vale.

“ZiGGY is ideal for meeting the growing demand for more convenient charging options.” ZiGGY will show our entire neighbourhood how easy it is to charge your electric vehicle without requiring major infrastructure upgrades.”

Angel investors, like Sand Hill Angels, helped start EV Safe Charge, and the company is now doing a seed round to raise money for the development and marketing of ZiGGY.

The purchase of a minority interest in EV Safe Charge is being conducted through a competitive bidding procedure by Capstone Financial Group, the top worldwide investment bank in the automotive/mobility market.

Institutional investors who have expressed an interest in buying Capstone’s EV business are expected to be potential bidders.

“We are happy to offer ZiGGY to the investment world,” says Carl Norman, president of Capstone Financial Group. “We think it will be well received by the market because it is a low-cost solution that makes the infrastructure for charging EVs easier.”

“Leading professionals in EV charging, robotics, industrial design, and engineering created and developed ZiGGY.

“We’re excited to see ZiGGY go into production and work with parking operators, business and residential landlords, hotels, event sites, and others to meet the future’s flexible charging demands.”

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