The Nintendo Switch Controller Pro Is The Ultimate Gaming Console

nintendo switch controller pro

Nintendo Switch controllers for 2022

With the Switch Lite and Switch OLED, the Nintendo Switch Controller Pro should continue to be one of the most popular gaming systems. Nintendo put a lot of thought into the Switch, but there are also many ways to use it in your living room.

The Switch feels far more like a home console with a conventional controller than the Joy-Con grip, which is excellent and can work very well (more on that later). At the bottom, there will be a list of commonly asked questions about controllers.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pair

Yes, these are the standard controllers that come with the Nintendo Switch but having a few more on hand is a good idea, particularly given how many local cooperative games the Switch supports.

You can even hand one off to another player to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (or any other multiplayer game) on the fly. The more recent Switch OLED variant is compatible with these Joy-Cons as well.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

It may still occur, particularly with older Joy-Con. In the following FAQ section, we go into further information on it. This controller is a Nintendo-branded item and is extensively compatible with other Switch accessories.

The little Joy-Con grip could be too small for gamers that spend the bulk of their time docking their Nintendo Switch. In such a case, you should get a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Additionally, it sports a more conventional directional pad that resembles those seen on the controllers for the Wii U.

Xbox Series X

Its internal battery lasts far longer than the DualSense on the PlayStation 5. Its design is identical to the controller from the Xbox Series X.

Using the system’s kickstand or a separate stand, you can play your favourite games on the go with the same controller you use at home.

This is the ideal controller for a more “core” experience that resembles contemporary consoles. Use this controller if you’re playing precision shooters like Apex Legends or Splatoon 3.

HORI D-Pad Controller (L)

Hori made their own left Joy-Con controller with a directional pad and various designs to solve this problem. It will seem more natural to manage your character for those playing 2D platformers on the fly, but you’ll have to give up rumble.

8bitDo Zero 2

Going on a road trip and want to play Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with your friends? The Zero 2 controller from 8Bitdo is a small replacement for the Joy-Cons that has all the buttons needed for split-screen multiplayer games.

It has a conventional direction pad, face, and shoulder buttons in addition to motion control capability. It comes in several colours to resemble the Game Boy Pocket.

The 8Bitdo Zero 2 controllers have the extra benefit of Bluetooth compatibility for PC, Mac, and Android devices and wireless firmware updates. They are now accessible.

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