To keep up with online purchases, an eyewear company brings in a robot from Osaro.

The “the last meter” of Zenni’s supply chain in Novato, California, will be automated thanks to a partnership between Osaro, a developer of advanced robots for e-commerce, and Zenni, an online eyewear retailer.
Orders for eyewear will be prepared for shipment to US clients using three Osaro Robotic Bagging Systems.
The first for the sector is the implementation. For the first time, a robot will be tasked with collaborating with an automated mechanical bagging system to guarantee that each customer’s individual order is put into the appropriate bag before being shipped.
To fulfill Zenni’s requirements, Osaro has teamed with Pregis, a provider of automated bagging machinery. Due to the fact that each order for eyeglasses is linked to a customer’s prescription, Osaro’s vision and grasping capabilities enable the robot to successfully complete this particular piece-picking duty.
Simon Goh, head of distribution and facilities at Zenni, which has sold more than 45 million pairs of eyeglasses over the course of 19 years of expansion, adds, “We are focused on quality and innovation.”
“We went to Osaro to push us to the cutting edge of technology to ensure our clients receive fast and correct processing due to a mountain of online orders and a constant personnel scarcity.”
“The stakes are high here: special-order, high-value commodities that must be packaged and tagged properly to ensure they are transported to the right consumer,” explains Derik Pridmore, CEO of Osaro.
Our robotic bagging system can reach customer production targets and free up workers for more crucial activities thanks to our significant expertise in different e-commerce production environments and our machine-learning capabilities.
The work requires visual acuity, precision, and dexterity, and the project will optimize the employment of a pick-and-place robot to complete it. A team of employees at Zenni can process 10 orders every minute, and precision is essential to guaranteeing that the appropriate order reaches the right consumer.
According to the corporation, installing robots to handle e-commerce processing also reduces personnel shortages and labor churn, two problems in the quickly expanding e-commerce fulfillment sector.

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