To provide customers with “next-generation” warehouse robots, Addverb and McMurray Stern have partnered


Warehouse Robots Addverb and McMurray Stern

With the industry leader in mobile storage and warehouse automation, McMurray Stern, Addverb has agreed to a new relationship.

Incorporating Addverb fixed and flexible solutions with McMurray Stern’s fully integrated storage choices will allow new and current clients to completely design and optimize their picking, packaging, storage, and other automation systems.

“McMurray Stern’s expertise in integrated design-build sets the stage for Addverb’s hardware and software breakthroughs,” says Sriram Sridhar, Addverb’s chief sales officer.

“McMurray Stern is well-known in the storage and micro-fulfillment sectors of the economy. We want to learn from their experience and work with them to develop new ways to help their clients.

Zippy (Guided Sortation Robot), Quadron (Carton Shuttle), and Dynamo (Autonomous Mobile Robot), to McMurray Stern’s clients.

Adverb will also provide its powerful software package, which includes Movect, Mobility, Concinnity (Warehouse Execution System), and Fleet Management System. Any ERP, WMS, or other systems from a third party can be easily connected to any of Addverb software products.

Concinnity coordinates several processes to manage a warehouse’s end-to-end operations. Mobility (the warehouse control system) makes it easier to move things around and keeps track of them in real-time.

The move oversees the robot fleet from start to finish. It has precise control, good coordination, and intelligent scheduling.

According to Pat Fitzpatrick, vice president of sales and marketing, the Adverb and McMurray Stern partnership will provide our clients.  A new level of performance and lower the cost of warehouse automation systems for a broader market.

We’re very excited about our new partnership with Adverb, which adds to the wide range of solutions we already offer.

This new alliance is the most recent in a string of business growth and tactical partnerships that have improved Addverb position in the US.

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