Trimble has designed a new localization technology for autonomous vehicles.


The first deployment of Trimble’s map-based localization technology for land-based autonomous vehicle applications has been demonstrated.

IHI Corporation, a Japanese heavy industry company, will add a custom Applanix POS LV system to its existing container and haulage trucks to give them more autonomy for moving goods around industrial sites. This is part of its plan to make it easier to move goods around industrial sites.

Map-based localization augments GNSS/inertial data to give the exact location and orientation estimation, which is crucial for safe and efficient autonomous vehicle operations. IHI’s vehicle design is fully integrated because IHI Corporation can get a complete workflow and real-time data.

Trimble’s creative engineering talents and technologies are used in the custom-built, locally supported system to deliver reliable performance in a variety of demanding conditions. IHI Corporation can deliver reliable locations for its autonomous fleet without the need for extra site infrastructure, minimizing CAPEX expenditures and increasing scalability.

The map-based localization system combines an inertial navigation system (INS) with simultaneous localization and mapping-based (SLAM) capabilities. It works with multiple types of sensors, including LiDAR for IHI, to fit IHI’s specific needs and current autonomous platform.

POS LV uses data that has already been processed to make an accurate base map and figure out where a vehicle is in real-time. This lets industrial vehicles work safely and reliably.

IHI is constantly improving its work environments while also accounting for changing labor market conditions and personnel shortages. As a result, the requirement for transportation automation has become vital to operations.

Industrial manufacturing is a complicated process that is always changing, so solutions need to be flexible enough to fit the needs of each customer.

IHI and Trimble can work together to make a retrofit solution that solves two of the biggest problems with the autonomous operation of large-scale industrial equipment: cost and reliability.

Customers like IHI rely on Trimble to provide autonomous solutions that help them achieve their strategic objectives, regardless of where they are on the road to autonomy.

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